GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS – By booking the studio for the purposes of the photography, the Studio Client accepts that he/she is satisfied with the facility and that he/she has deemed it to be suitable for the purposes of the hire.
Verbal confirmation is not an accepted booking confirmation method and a studio hire booking is only confirmed once the terms and conditions are read and accepted by the hirer followed by a booking placed online. Alternatively, an invoice can be produced and will need to be settled 48 hours before the shoot.
The studio hire hours start from the time the hirer enters the studio or the agreed booking time. Equipment setup and pack down are inclusive of your studio time slot.

On completion of the last day of a shoot, set-building waste created by the Studio Client must be removed. If waste is left at the premises, the Studio will hire a commercial skip or cleaner and pass the associated costs for the removal, together with a £50 administration fee, onto the Studio Client. The Studio Client agrees to compensate the Studio for loss, damage, or distress to equipment and facilities, if caused by the Studio Client

STUDIO CLIENTS- The studio premises houses other clients. Studio Clients must respect other tenants by keeping noise to a respectable level during the hours of their booking, especially when arriving and leaving. The Studio cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for fines incurred by Studio Clients and their visitors who park their vehicles in contravention of prevailing traffic laws. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the studio premises. The studio is covered by BMECP’s employer’s liability insurance.

STUDIO CHARGES – The standard period of studio hire is 8 hours between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00 overtime is charged hourly £35ph.
Please refer to the rates page here to see studio hire fees.

An online payment or invoice needs to be settled 48 hours before a studio confirmation can be issued.

Charges may apply for cancellation of a shoot within five working days of the scheduled day. Studio hirer is responsible for clearing and cleaning the studio space on completion of the shoot. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

Excessive or deliberate damage to the flooring, paper backgrounds, equipment, facilities etc will be liable to incur a charge for replacement or repair.

There is a £60 cleaning fee if you would like to bring pets/animals into the studio premises.
The cleaning fee is for specialised cleaning for customers & staff who suffer from allergic reactions to pet/animal fur/feathers that will be left behind.
We expect pet owners to leave our studio in the same clean condition they are in when they arrived & a further cleaning fee of £40 will be applied if faeces & other excrements are left behind for Rainbow staff to clean up upon inspection.

STUDIO LIGHTING & ELECTRICALS – The studio presumes that anyone operating any of its equipment is competent with its use. It is the studio hirer’s responsibility to pre-determine that all crew are capable and qualified for the job they are doing and will be held liable for any misuse or damages incurred. The Studio is liable for the performance and safety of its own electrical equipment. The Studio Client should ensure that all electric equipment they bring to the studio is PAT tested and safe to use. The Studio Client should check with the Studio at the time of booking to ensure that sufficient power is available for the planned shoot. Power cuts from the National Grid are not deemed to be the responsibility of the Studio; the Studio will not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of power cuts.

HEALTH & SAFETY – While in the studio, the hirer is responsible for their own (and third parties employed through them) insurance cover against theft, loss or damage to their own equipment. Rainbow Studio will not be held liable for any claims whatsoever made by the hirer or substituent individuals working on any one particular shoot. The hirer is responsible for and liable for their own insurance to cover personal injury to crew and cast, plus liability to any third parties involved. Studio Clients are responsible for the health & safety of their shoot. Studio Clients should carry out a hazard assessment prior to their shoot. Studio Clients must acquaint themselves with the Studio’s emergency procedures prior to shooting. Please ask at the Main Reception area of the building. In the event of injury, the Studio provides a First Aid Kit. However, the studio is unable to provide First Aid qualified personnel.

SECURITY – The Studio operates an external CCTV The Studio won’t be held responsible for Studio Clients’ lost, stolen, or damaged goods or equipment on the studio premises at any time. All goods and equipment are brought onto the studio premises entirely at the owner’s risk.

CCTV recording is active in Rainbow Studio. Such recordings are captured and processed in the legitimate business interests of;

• The safety and security of our customers

• The safety and security of our staff

• The safety and security of our premises and property

• The protection against, detection of and evidencing of criminal activities

• The reduction of company losses and inventory discrepancies

In so far as a particular premises licence requires such CCTV, then the requirements of such recordings are performed under the legal basis of the licence requirements.
Recipients or categories of recipients: CCTV footage of customers is recorded by cameras as laid out in our internal CCTV policy and camera layout procedures. The physical technological infrastructure and recordings are stored and backed up internally.
As a general rule, we will not disclose this data to third parties unless required to be provided to legal authorities when we have a statutory obligation to provide such recordings. Recordings may at times be used in evidencing legal/ongoing disputes where all requirements for the access and storage of such data have been met as laid out in our internal investigation procedures.
Storage duration/criteria for specifying the storage duration: CCTV footage is kept for a period of up to 28 days from the time of recording unless specified separately under licence requirements. As so far as there is a potential/ongoing claim then footage may be retained for a period of up to 3 years or until the claim is finalised. Where there have been accessing requests successfully provided to recipients then still images shall be securely filed to evidence further correspondence on such footage for a period of 90 days.

STUDIO PROTOCOL FOR USE OF ADDITIONAL ITEMS, FACILITIES OR SERVICES – The client should inform the Studio of certain aspects of a shoot that might necessitate specific precautionary measures or the provision of additional facilities or services. These include, but are not restricted to Excessive noise – including music playback, set-builds, nudity, use of pyrotechnics, inflammable, smoke, liquids, live instruments etc. Doing stunts, working with children or animals.

STUDIO CANCELLATIONS, POSTPONEMENTS & RESCHEDULING Any cancellations, postponements or other date changes 72 hours prior to bookings are charged at 50% of the studio rate per day.
Once the booking terms have been accepted and the studio has been formally confirmed for use by a corresponding production; any cancellations or changes to agreed dates would be liable to incur a cancellation fee.
Rainbow Studio will reserve the right of discretion regarding any changes to dates made after the confirmation agreement. This would purely be dependent on studio space and crew availability for the new dates.

Studio Terms updated 1/12/2022