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Get the best studio space to rent for professional photography at Rainbow Studio Brighton. The Rainbow Studio is spacious and equipped with props for professional, product, and fashion photoshoots. We have all sorts of backdrops, lighting equipment, and props to match your theme and style. We are located in the heart of Brighton, easy to reach with parking and public transportation options. Visit the best place for both professional photography and capturing moments. Got some questions in mind? Get in touch with our team of professionals for better assistance. Alternatively, you can book our studio by clicking the button below.

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Equal opportunity, creativity enabling space; support, and equipments and gallery showcase.

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Our studio is fully equipped with the latest photography equipment and state-of-the-art lighting tools to ensure the best results for your photo shoots. 

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Our studio is fully stocked with a range of essential photography equipment, including modifiers, studio lights, and paper backgrounds to help you achieve the perfect shot. 

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Our pricing is customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. We aim to provide you with a solution that meets your budget and helps you achieve your goals.

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Discover the awe-inspiring works of a talented photographer who graced our studio in the vibrant coastal town of Brighton. With captivating skill and an artistic eye, they have beautifully captured moments that transcend time. Immerse yourself in their visionary creations, where every frame tells a mesmerizing story.

The Rainbow studio in Brighton showcasing works by prominent photographers like yourself who have use the studio in the past.

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Discover a cost-effective photography studio in vibrant Brighton! With prices starting at just £70, our studio offers negotiable rates for capturing your cherished moments under your pocket.

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Our Studio ❤️ by Customers Like You!

I enjoyed shooting at The Rainbow, the place is spacious and it is easy to move around with the tools. I was concerned about the right equipment, but everything I required was already set up there. I would love to do my photoshoot again there. ~Joel Plonka

The place is neat and all the setup is great for getting the work done fast. Thinking about their prices, I thought the place would be ok ok. But The Rainbow Studio exceeded my expectations. Great service, I like that. ~ Reid Browne

The rainbow studio is a lovely place, very clean and well-kept. I feel nice doing my project there. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants their product photographed. ~ Rick Shaffer

Considering the size and quality of lighting and other tools, The Rainbow Studio is very affordable. They pay high attention to customer service and I like that the most. ~ David McQualter

Got some questions in mind?

Yes, we have different coloured backdrops to match your theme and style.

Our studio is fully stocked with a range of essential photography equipment, including modifiers, studio lights, and paper backgrounds, to help you achieve the perfect shot.

We have state-of-the-art lighting tools to ensure the best results for your photo shoots.

No, we only rent the studio.

If you want to book our studio, you have two options: give us a call on this number 7732 986587, or simply use our online booking form to book our studio for a day. 

The Rainbow Studio – Leading Photography Studio in Brighton

The Rainbow Studio is a top-rated photography studio in Brighton, offering affordable rental options for strobe lights, backdrops, and modifiers. The studio is conveniently located near the train station and has accessible parking. Experience a pristine and inviting destination for photography and exploration. Each studio is available for dry hire, allowing you to rent them by the hour or for a full day. Whether you’re working on a personal project or a professional assignment, our comprehensive services have you covered. We offer a convenient one-stop solution that includes access to our talented crew as well as equipment rental from our in-house inventory.

Our Rainbow Studio Direction

+44 7732 986587
BMECP Centre, Brighton 10A Fleet Street, Brighton, BN1 4ZE
Mon-Fri 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday and Sunday available on bookings from 9am -6pm